Christine Drage

Goodbye 2016

Roses are red, and violets are blue, 2016 was shit, and this is the truth. I've felt more pain than the years before, I have shed more tears and cried much more. I got stranded alone with a baby yet to come, with a back so bad I could barley walk. After birth I got crippled and new challenges came, I was a mother but I would never be the same.

Trough all the pain and the heartbreak I found my own voice, I gave birth to a baby and this was my choice. I knew I'd be alone and that the path would not be easy.

I lost some friends and I lost a lover, but what I gained was so much better than the other. I got my baby girl and she is truly fine, even though Its sad I love that she is only mine.

I'll protect her and love her, and always be there. I will do anything for her and clean up her tears. Through the years that will come she will never be alone, and through the years that will pass I will show her just how strong I am as a mom.

Though it has not been a day this year that I'v had a good nights sleep, that's not the reason why I weep. I cry for the times I am to weak to lift you up, I cry for the times my body just stops.

Today I fell a tear for the year that will come, for all the memories we will have and for the little one that is my new home.

This is my 2016 in review, in both good and bad. It's been hard and it's been sweet, it's been funny and it's been sad and there is no Facebook video that can show you the fucking year that we have had.

Happy New Year!

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Victoria Larsen

31.12.2016 kl. 14:22
Jeg håper du får en fin nyttårsfeiring :-)

Christine Drage

31.12.2016 kl. 19:45
Victoria Larsen: Takk og det samme til deg :-)
Christine Drage

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